Saturday, November 18, 2017


Thanksgiving Day is a joyous day celebrated annually to give thanks for received blessings.  Why not celebrate every day?  We all have the ability to make every day purposeful and a day of thanksgiving.

The hay-field of red clover filled my senses and with thankfulness to experience the wonders of nature.  A noonday sun highlighted the red flowers and intensified the sweet clover smell interspersed with the buzzing of bees busy with pollination.  I noticed him.  He was bigger, slower, never losing focus.  With his yellow stripes and bulky body, he was fulfilling his purpose.  The bumble bee didn’t know he was not able fly, so he did.  And I didn’t hear him voice one complaint!

Gil was an energetic high school student.  His love was leading his dance band while performing throughout the state at many current and reoccurring engagements. His senior year he began having some physical problems which were diagnosed as being the beginning of a progressive and fatal rare disease.  Loading in and out of engagements became impossible for him so he turned to teaching young aspiring musicians and opened a music store.  From a small rural area came an influx of budding musicians, far more than the whole state, claiming Gil as their inspiration, mentor and friend.  They became professional musicians in many national bands, music directors and professors of music.  To provide the needed income for himself and his parents Gil had opened the music store and when he had no mobility his elderly parents were his legs.   His parents passed away and his health was rapidly declining. His only choice in sitting was to be placed in a leaning position in an easy chair with wheels giving him a sense of mobility.  With hands so crippled he could no longer open the cash register and with customers having to make their own change, Gil developed a new purpose; that of being the information center for those looking for work and those needing workers.  Every day the whistle sounding 12 o’clock noon in the little town was activated by Gil, the most positive and inspiring person I have ever known.  Never did I hear him complain, but rather saying, “Tomorrow will be a good day.” He was thankful for being alive and able to contribute.

I’m thankful, one of my favorite films, Field of Dreams, was filmed and released.  During the filming, the director, Phil Alden Robinson became distraught due to various problems they had encountered.  There was a drought so they had to paint the grass green.  He didn't feel like Kevin Costner was doing a good job.   He felt the movie was not coming together and became depressed.  He went out in the field alone, contemplated the outcome that suggested "it was over."  One of the producers went out to the field to talk with Robinson.  Robinson admitted his depression, but the producer assured Robinson that it was coming together so perfectly.  The producer said, "You are shooting the script and it is working perfectly.  Just keep shooting the script."  Robinson followed that advice and the film was a huge hit, mainly by sticking to the script of being purposeful in inspiring millions. 

Embrace challenges.  They guide us in understanding that we all have choices and that life lived with purpose and contribution gives many reasons to be thankful.  

                                  Happy Thanksgiving!
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When the second Pilgram ship landed on Dodge Rock in the year 1622, they were  also greeted by the American Indian tribe called Wampanoag. Their chief Massasoit and Zero Mendal head of this settlement became good friends. The   first Indian harvest of year of 1622  was a celebration for the Wampanoag.  Zero was happy to share in this celebration with Chief Massasoit and designated this celebration as “Thank Goodness”, since it arrived just in time before they all starved to death.

Zero Mendal

(Zero) “Welcome your highness King Massasoit” as he bows in respect. "What brought you here today? Remember your highness  how we traded you many of our fine goods for seeds, they failed to grow. We are now starving!”

(Chief) Great leader, did you water and fertilize crops like we instructed?”

(Zero) “What’s wrong with you, we couldn’t find a water faucet and what kind of fertilizer did you suggest, buffalo chips, not on my crops.

(Chief) “Those buffalo chips are imported and very expensive. We trade them for many wampon; they come from out west were the buffalo roam on the home of the wild prairie. Da Dump!"

(Count Leapshen interrupts the conversation) “Chief, my name is Count Leapshen, maybe you and I can come to some kind of arrangement that will benefit both of us.”

(Zero) “Stay out of this Count, I’m in charge of this settlement.

(Chief) “We come for big celebration, I come to share our bountiful harvest and hunt. We brought turkey, deer, and lobster, along with many kinds of vegetables, corn, and fruits.”

(Zero) “What kind of Turkey?”

(Chief) “There is only one kind of turkey on tribal land.”

(Zero) “What I mean, is it a Butterball or Kosher, I heard a Kosher turkey is really the best?”

(Chief) “Me no understand.”

(Zero) “What about stuffing, you can’t have a Thank Goodness turkey without stuffing.”

(Chief) “Stuffing, what does stuffing mean? Is this an insult? This is one hell of a prized turkey? Insults about our turkey, we go home now!”

(Zero) “No, don’t go, it’s only a Puritan joke.”

(Chief) “What is a joke?”

(Count) “Come over here Chief, how many of those Turkey can you supply and what about something they call Tobacco. We both can become very rich shipping them back to Europe. You get what I mean?”

(Chief) “What does white man mean by the word rich?” I have plenty of food and many wives. I don’t need to get.”

(Zero) “You, Count leave the Chief alone and get the Pilgrims to start the fires and prepare the table for our guests. If you mention one more time about special deal with the Chief, you will be removed and locked into the stockade post.”

(Chief) “Chief has plenty of buffalo chips to trade not only makes good fertilizer, also makes good fires and fresh ones good to warm your feet under blankets in winter. I know Europeans will be very happy to receive such a good trade. We heard from other settlement traders what they call whiskey. We want to learn how to make this whiskey, we trade for whiskey.”

(Zero) “Chief we are Puritans we do not indulge in strong drink. Now, we do like wine for our religious ceremony and maybe a gourmet dinner once in a blue moon. Now you make wine from grapes and we crush them with our feet in a large vat.”

(Chief) “Smelly feet, me no like already. You take buffalo chips off my hands and I give you plenty of grapes and tobacco.”

The second Thanksgiving (really Thank Goodness) was a success, it saved the Pilgrim from starvation in the winter months with all the turkey leftovers.

Also, they were the first to invent the dogie bags, even though they were on the shortlist during their starvation diet.

They struck the first commerce deal to ship products from Dodge Rock to Europe. 

Everything they sent was welcome with open arms except the buffalo chips.

 In recent times archaeologist were excavating the original settlement site and came upon several buildings with large quantities of petrified Buffalo Chips. This was a mystery to the scientific community , since large herds of Buffalo were not common in this area of the country.  

“Happy Thank Goodness!”                                                        

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Friday, November 17, 2017


Thelma already knew at a young age that she was “the” T girl. She was swift, svelte, serene. Nothing could touch her. Nothing could harm her. She had a following and her girls stayed true to Thelma.  She and her gang could out smart and out run all the rest. They knew they were the best and Thelma knew she was the best of the best. 

They spent each day either at play or basking in the sun never heeding the cares or woes of the others whether friends or foes.  They were above it all, the humdrum daily ho hum of getting through each day, each race, each run.  Thelma knew life was for fun and when day was done that would be the measure of the race she’d run.  That’s why when the cook came around they couldn’t be found for they slept all night in a tree which kept them free range and never cooped up.

Yep, Thelma was “the” T girl all right. O yes. Thelma was grateful to that tree keeping her and her girls free. But, it was she, after all, that got them all up in a tree.  Safe and sound each day her snood brood remained free.  T girl Thelma and her rafter knew how to play possum and keep in line. They gave daily thanks that the cook could not look up because down on the ground was where he found most of his poultry claw fully on foot.

By the time T girl Thelma was 93 (turkey years calculate like human years) a bird in hand is worth two in the bush would not be T girl Thelma’s proverbial epitaph. No way. She had her tree.

She was a tough ole bird and nobody wanted her which suited Thelma just fine – she and her fine feathered friends.  They wrote the book on birds of a feather flock together in that tree and there they kept themselves very well thank you. Thank you very kindly if you please. Yes, thank you very kindly.

But why was Thelma called the T girl? Well, you know, she was a thoroughly thankful turkey!


Copyright Summerlin's Writers and Poets Workshop - Las Vegas, NV.

Our author Geri Bedrosian

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

'THANKSGIVING' (Poems) By Adrienne Crawford

It’s gratitude,
Such an attitude.
Takes you to an altitude.
For sure.
You’re so thankful.
Ever so grateful.
Your cup is full,
Oh yeah.
Look to the skies.
With bright eyes.
Begin to recognize,
Your life.
Be so appreciative.
With the way you live.
So you can give ,
To others.
Count your blessings.
Learn your lessons.
Just keep pressing.
For more,
Ways to say.
When you pray.
Thanks for this day.

Count your blessings
One by one.
Look to the stars
As they come.
Out at night
Shining bright.
Also sunshine
In the morning light.
Be so thankful
For all you know.
Be so grateful
That they show
You a better path,
To go
On your way.
In the earth and so.
Proceed cautiously
Go with care.
Be so helpful
If you dare.
To assist someone
In need.
Press forward and
Don’t heed.
Negative words
Causing distress.
Take the good
And leave the rest.
Hold so precious
To your breast.
Your loved ones

They’re the best.
Copyright 2017 Summerlin's Writers and Poets Workshop, Las Vegas, NV.

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Sunday, November 12, 2017


All that ever has happened
in your life is a reality
that can bless the present
with wise perspective.

Mistakes and great success
all merge together as lessons
to be learned while on 
your life's journey. 

Cultivate a creative attitude
toward every one of life's experiences 
this will lead you to adopt
a constantly increasing attitude
of gratitude.

Eventually you will decide 
to choose the wise comment
of William Faulkner as an absolute truth
"The past is never dead. It's not even past."

Copyright 2017 Summerlin's Writers and Poets Workshop - Las Vegas, NV.


Poet e.e. cummings warns us:
"To be nobody-but-yourself--
in a world which is doing its best,
night and day, to make you
everybody else--means to fight
the hardest battle which any human
being can fight."

Why gaze outside yourself
at anyone imaging how happy
you'd be if you trade places?

Such foolish delusions
guarantee misery!

Stare at your face in a mirror,
smile, know the miracle 
you are destined to become
by Eternal Love.

God creates no mistakes.
Here and Now rejoice!
Be His Compassion, His Beauty, His Truth.

Doctor Seuss teaches all us little kids:
"Today you are you, that is truer than true.
There is not one alive who is youer than you."

Copyright 2017 Summerlin's Writers Workshop - Las Vegas, NV.

Our author and educator, James McManmon


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Saturday, November 11, 2017

PATRIOTISM REBORN, 9/11 By Raynette Eitel

I never knew years of singing
About the sweet land of liberty
Was wedging love so securely
In my heart
That it might break.

I never dreamed humming
“God bless America”
Would become a daily prayer
To deliver my country
From evil.

I never suspected that
                                                 All those times I bellowed
“The Star Spangled Banner”
Just before the first pitch
Would one day be so
Filled with anger.

I have lived from sea to shining sea
Beside that purple mountain
Just above the fruited plain
In a country where I
Took freedom for granted,
 Worshipped God as I chose,
Said whatever I pleased,
Bore arms when I wished,
Never truly grasping
My extraordinary birthright.

9/11 is the time for remembering
What America is all about,
Songs still sung,
Hands held over broken hearts,
Flags waving proudly
From the New York harbor
To the redwood forest,
Tears streaming down our cheeks,
Thoughts of Bunker Hill
Gettysburg, Verdun, Pearl Harbor,
The 38th Parallel, Viet Nam, Desert Storm,
Twin towers.

Now that I am reborn with tears
And smoke and fire 
Into patriotism,
Drinking the milk of freedom,
Wrapped in the red white and blue
Of my old flag,
I sing new lullabies
Of the songs of my fathers
And vow to protect and defend
America the rest of my life.

Raynette Eitel

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