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Mine started when I found out my brother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  His girlfriend of over 25 years kicked him out on the street.  He made it to our home in Corona, CA which we had put
up for sale in preparation of my moving to Sun City Summerlin.

This has not been a fast paced, earth shaking change.  It is an insidious disease, creeping up with minute changes month by month, escalating to week by week, then day by day.  It continues for many years.

At first we went on several trips – Hawaii, Tennessee and Ontario, Canada a few times to visit family.  We enjoyed several cruises to Mexico, the western Caribbean and the eastern Caribbean.  I was always on guard making sure he didn’t wander away when we were off the ship.

One time, we settled down for a nap.  He got up while I was sleeping, left the room and ended up at the baby nursery facility.  He had no idea what his room number was.  Fortunately he had his room key.  The ladies contacted the office and escorted him back safely.

At one point his driving became unstable.  He went to renew his license.  I notified the lady in charge at the DMV.  She was so nice to him, talking him thru the dangers he would be creating for other drivers.  She suggested he trade his license for an ID card – he agreed and I breathed a sigh of relief!

As time has passed he has become more unable to take care of himself.  I started attending to him in the restroom because it was easier than having to clean up after him every time he went. 

I hired a caregiver to look after him twice a week – feeding him, showering him, taking him for walks, etc.  In December, 2016, he was hospitalized then moved to a group home.  After 6 months, he had recovered enough to come home.  The caregiver is coming 3 times a week now.

When he came home, we still went dancing and out to lunch or dinner.  Mid August started another decline in his abilities to function.  September 8, 2017 I had him admitted to Summerlin Hospital.  He was transferred to Desert Springs and then to El Jen Healthcare and Rehab Center.  October 9, he was given a hospice evaluation.  It was decided to have him on home hospice for as long as I can take care of him. 

Hence – my life changing experience.  I have given up membership in Canasta, Computer and Gun Clubs.  I am maintaining membership in Ceramics, Glass Fusion and the Writer’s Workshop.  I have to divide my time to include doctor visits, grocery shopping, etc.  I have no afternoons or evenings free to socialize.   

I am his sole support, along with the caregiver coming 3 times a week.  Hospice is coming 3 times a week to bath him.  He has been bed-ridden since February 22, 2018.  He went from being ambulatory to bed-ridden in 36 hours.  I had no idea how to take care of someone who couldn’t sit up by himself or roll over or feed himself.  I was a blithering, hysterical idiot for 2 days.  I was given advice by several people who knew what to do – they were my saviors.

Has this been a life changing experience?  You bet it has and I would do it all over again for my brother.
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"TWO ST. PATRICK'S DAY POEMS" By Alice Magrane and Jerry Silvers

An Ode to Irishmen

by Alice Magrane

With poetry in their hearts
Feet planted on the ground;
They’ll love a good story
Even when it’s been ‘round.

Believin’ in fate,
They hope for the best;
What’s to be, will be,
And to hell with the rest.

Though they seem to be strong,
They’re soft-hearted types;
But never be feared,
They’ll fight for their rights.

St. Patrick’s Day’s coming,
Don’t give it a miss;
To be lucky like me,
Give an Irishman a kiss!

For I know if you do so,
You’ll have luck the year through
And if you marry an Irishman
Skies will always be blue!

(Take it from one who knows!)

                "A LEPRECHAUN'S MAGIC SPELL"
                              BY Jerry O’Silvers

The Leprechaun slipped out of his secret hiding place as the sun set in the west.
From afar he heard the music of an Irish jig and began to swirl and dance.
A cloud appeared above his head and swiftly travel to the young lass.
To bring unto her young life a feeling of a wondrous romance.

No, no said the people, we do not believe in love and marriage.
It’s for us to decide who shall drive the bridal carriage.
Young people do not have the wisdom and knowledge
to make such an important decision,
it’s for the elders to decide each and every mission.

Ah, but the leprechaun wanted to cause havoc and disruption
for he knew true love was the best of a romantic discussion.
So, he cast a spell upon a priest to secretly to find and marry
those of whom that love comes from the sprinkles of the love fairy.

He goes by the name of Patrick and the world owes him great affection,
cause he turned the world around in a new direction.
This annoying little Leprechaun spell made this Priest owe so famous.  
A holiday was named after him that brought true love to the surface.


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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

"St. Patrick's Day Story-- Patricius" -- (Father of Citizens) By Geri Bedrosian


        Calpurnius loved his horses.  It might be said Calpurnius loved his horses more than his son, more than Potitus, his father, more than his wife, Conchessa, more than his life.  True the horses and the calvary command brought him wealth and prestige.  The horses in the calvary and his Decurion, (10 Roman-Briton calvary horse warriors), needed him-they were welfare, income, life style, life’s blood.  Every day he and the men and his son tended to the horses every need.  The exercising to create muscles of steel, quick responses and maneuvers in the face of battling foe, feed, brushing down, rubbing down, finding mares and sires to continue to breed the finest calvary horses in Cumbria.  He demanded utmost allegiance from his men, his ten and his son, that these horses and men became as one in the face of battling for life, limb, family, tribe, religion, country and king.                                                                                                                             

        Depending on the season, bone cold, chilling wet or hot soaking steamy work life, little rest from training, maintaining, managing – it consumed all their lives for it was their livelihood. They slept and woke with the horses every day.  This was the life of Calpurnius’ son Maewum Siccat, born 387 to Calpernius and Conchessa.  He grew to be a strong, wiry fair-haired lad and could know the best and worst of a horse, could out ride his tribe and siblings, could know the very dreams and ideas behind those most beautiful largest eyes in kingdom come.                                                                                                                                                              

        That is why it surprised Calpernius that his elder son did not want to serve the Calvary or the Curia, the senate seat of Cumbria’s decision making government as was written by law.  Maewum wanted adventure and not servitude to the Cumbrian citizenry.  He knew horses and he knew he was a warrior.  Be careful what you wish for.  And, as fate would have it, Maewum got his wish.  A marauding tribe of Irish pirates overtook Cumbria and kidnapped most of the women and children, leaving many Cumbrian men dead.  Maewum was on board a ship to Ireland with some of his townspeople, a slave to a ruthless Pelagian tribe who believed mankind was not born in original sin but born in innocence with a nature that is pure as Adam first was.  This was not Maewum’s tribal religion.  He was in servitude until he was 16 having mastered the Irish language and culture and worked as beast master, tending all manner of animals.  He was abused and psychologically brainwashed to believe the Pelagian ways or die.  This he did until his escape.                                                                     

        He escaped all right-right into the hands of the French in Tours where he learned French monasticism.  He escaped and returned to Ireland where he converted pagan warriors, wealthy royal, noble women, the unfree and the poor to vow to his monastic charity overthrowing pagan idols, converting pagans in Ireland to true Christianity, that humankind is born in sin and must spend eternity and good works to escape it.  Churches were built on royal lands but Maewum refused Kingly gifts, their kinship which made him outside their protection.  He was charged with financial impropriety having received gifts from his converts, wealthy women, who later became nuns.  He was beaten, robbed, chained, imprisoned, awaited execution.  He returned the gifts and made restitution and was set free to continue his life’s work.  It is true he used the parable of the shamrock to teach the trinity of 3 persons in one God: the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit but never a snake slithered in Ireland’s cold and salt sands.    

                            The Druids wrote this poem about him:                                                                                                                                                                                                   
                           "Across the sea will come adze head, crazed in the head,
                           his cloak with hole for the head, his stick bent in the head,
                           he will chant impieties from a table in the front of his house
                           and all his people will answer: so be it, so be it.                                                                                                           

By now Maewum Siccat was being called holy Magnus (famous), Succetus (god of war), Patricius (father of citizens), and Cothirtiacus, which in Old Irish is Cathraige and Celtic Latin is Patricius (servant to the Four Druid Houses). This last name is the name Maewum became:  Patricius (Patrick) warrior/priest, father to followers, slayer of Pagans for conversion to true Christianity. He made a name for himself in spite of his father, Calpurnius plans for him. Now, about that color green….


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Almost everyone wants to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.  Also known as “Paddy’s Day” this annual feast celebrates Saint Patrick as one of the patron saints of Ireland and is a national holiday in their country.  Although it’s not an official holiday in the United States, the influence is felt here.  It’s customary for those of the Roman Catholic faith to attend Mass.  Many individuals, regardless of their religion, wear shamrocks, green clothing, and eat Irish and/or green foods as we do here in Las Vegas too. 

Since the local casinos cannot guarantee shelling out gold coins, not everyone will be seeing green with an additional pay-off, but everyone still has a chance to get even more dough.  When you paint your own rainbow, you can place your own version of a Pot O’ Gold at the end.  I like the one that magically increases in value with a gift that keeps on giving – good health. 

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists might be asking you (in their best Leprechaun voices) something along the lines of, “Top of the mornin’ to you!  Seems all the world’s wearin’ a wee bit o’ green this week, so step up to the plate, and add yourself to the scene.  What are you eating that sprouts green leaves and grows from the ground, which saves money by preventing medical costs?”  The treasured answer can’t be found in a box.  Generally, colorful fruits and vegetables fit the bill, freshly picked is best.  May your very own Leprechaun bring you all the good for you goodies you can hold in your own Pot O’ Gold! 

The foods you choose can make a big difference.  March is National Nutrition Month and this year the theme is “Go Further with Food.”  National Nutrition Month is a nutrition education and information campaign created annually by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to focus on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating habits.  (For more information, visit to get the tips you need to go further with food.) 

All of us can enjoy better health by eating wholesome foods, but even Registered Dietitian Nutritionists agree that holidays are exempt.  All Irish eyes will be smilin’ upon our industry’s best chefs, who make sure we have an authentic St. Patrick’s Day menu.  This weekend, the typical holiday fare might be higher in calories than usual since it will most likely be Corned Beef Brisket, Shepherd’s Pie, Irish Stew, Cabbage, Boiled Potatoes, Irish Soda Bread, Green Gelatin, Lime Pie, and even some Mint Ice Cream to make the day extra special.  So, if you partake, you might want to burn off any excess calories by dancing an Irish jig before or after enjoying a traditional delicious meal.

It should be noted most chefs use a small amount of beer to cook the cabbage to give it that “true” authentic Irish flavor.  Luckily, it will not make you tipsy since it evaporates prior to serving.  Still, it’s possible you’ll need to accommodate some shenanigans of those who chug large amounts of beer.  However, for those of you who are sober-minded, in order to promote a peaceful environment, people who aren’t wearing green should not be pinched even though it’s generally considered acceptable behavior on St. Patrick’s Day.  With all the recent media frenzy, it will be construed as sexual harassment. 

Moreover, due to safety concerns, there will be no St. Patrick’s Day processions in the dining establishments.  Don’t let that rain on your parade, you can still march on towards happiness knowing the luck of the Irish will be with you.  For a healthy life, remember to keep eating your greens and keep stepping out until we celebrate with three-leaf clovers, and maybe even a four-leaf clover if we’re real lucky next year.

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Lisa Sherman is our author and also a recently retired dietitian.

"Don't forget to eat your greens and no hiding them under your plate or feeding the dog."


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Monday, March 12, 2018

"Happy St. Patrick's Day" (WHEN BEING GREEN) By Rena Winters

When being green was having fun
Parties, green beer and laying in the sun.

When being green was meeting an Irish guy, big and blond
Dancing the night away of which I was fond.

When being green was St Patrick’s Day with a ring
I jumped with joy making my heart ache and sing.

When being green was really rosy pink
Saying “Yes” and having another Celtic drink.

When being green was houses with terrific yards
Babies, guests, parties with entertaining bards.

When being green was glorious yellow with nothing to complain
Green balloons, green cakes, elves and green champagne.

When being green meant quiet senior years, 
long days, illnesses and a life filled with tears.

When being green was life changing into a bland hue
When being green was really me turning blue.

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Vegas, NV. 
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Saturday, March 10, 2018

"HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY" By Raynette Eitel


A Guiness at the Irish pub
was born of black, rich earth
and dark thoughts left over
from starvation
from famine
from watching loved ones waste away.

But the Celtic music
came from fragments of sunshine
scattered among shadows,
from laughter splattered with tears,
from swiftest joy swirling
like a river around grass so green
as to dazzle the eyes.

The old pub held happiness in light hands,
squeezed sorrows tightly
until tears salted the beer
and still the music played,
drinks flowed with conversaation
and nights at the pub became
the froth of memories worn
like a white mustache after an ale.

2011 Winner Senior Poet Laureate Contest
Copyright Raynette Eitel 2011

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Friday, March 9, 2018



The gods sat around the conference table waiting for the meeting to be called to order. The lesser gods stood behind them forming an outer ring resembling the rings around the planet Saturn. Zeus appeared from a descending white cloud, his usual mode of transport, and stood before them. “Thank you all for being here,” he boomed, fully aware that the meeting was mandatory. The consequence of being absent was banishment from Olympus for three years. The social and political implications of that action were serious.

“We have a problem,” his deep senatorial voice creating atmospheric fluctuations, “and its name is March. Once again, that damned spirit has exceeded its authority and is creating havoc on the People below. I refused to give it corporeal status and it has decided to have a tantrum.”

Zeus continued, “I want to know what you were thinking Borus, when you blew into the eastern coast of the new continent. And you Poseidon, you lost control of your daemons and nymphs.  It appears that you conspired with March and that is unacceptable.” Zeus’ voice reached an exasperated level, its vibrations shaking the entire room.

“I will not have the People below suffer from your incompetence – is that clear?” There are consequences, Poseidon,” Zeus’ voice became soft. “There could be drought, causing your realm to disappear,” he placed his hands on the table and bent forward menacingly, “until I decide to restore the seas. I can do that, I’ve done it before. Are we clear?” His voiced reached a crescendo, and again, the room shook this time cracking the conference table. Zeus’ eyes narrowed, straightening up to his full height, his right arm raised threateningly. The sleeve of his white gown fell back revealing a remarkably muscular arm for an entity his age. 

Zeus turn towards each of the gods and goddesses, his piercing eyes causing them to lower their heads and stare at the table. “Selene,” said Zeus sounding solicitous. The moon goddess raised her head, he continued, “tell me about the tides you caused. It appears that you permitted your nymphs to play with the orb like a soccer ball. Did you confer with Poseidon?” His voice began to swell like a giant sea wave consuming all in its wake as he turned towards Poseidon, “When did you both decide to conspire with March?”


Selene and Poseidon faced Zeus expressionless. “You both will await my judgement after I hear March’s story. It will have to be a good argument to prevent him being removed from the People’s calendar thereby rendering him a non-entity.”

Borus broke the solemn silence. “Sir, I listened to March. His argument sounded good. He knows you favor the People and wanted to get your attention. So, I caused the north wind and encouraged Apheliotes to participate easterly. Then Aegaeon got carried away and created the violent sea storms. Poseidon was not a participant. We lesser gods conspired with March. March wanted to teach the People a lesson. They don’t consider March’s powers sufficient to pay homage. They are condescending with their expression...March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb. It was infuriating. So, March taught them a lesson. Sir, I beg forgiveness.”

Selene spoke next, “Sir, my nymphs just joined in the fun. I truly had no idea of the devastation they would cause. They worked with Aegaeon to make his sea storms worse then usual. I will chastise them, severely.”


“Well, now we have the root cause of the disaster below. How do we fix it?” Zeus again met all eyes with his penetrating gaze.

“My suggestion is this, sir,” said Poseidon. “I will calm the sea and chastise all the lesser gods in my realm. Then, I will instruct my son, Triton, to provide good fishing for the People. Amphitrite, my wife, will assist.” 

“Excellent suggestion,” said Zeus his eyes twinkled with delight. “Demeter will plan a good harvest, but first I will cause a gentle rain, and Iris will present her rainbow.”

Zeus continued, “There is very little we can do about March’s complaint about the People’s disrespect. When all is done, the People’s chant will be true… March will have come in like a lion and will leave like a lamb. I would prefer it to leave like a scolded cat with its tail down, but we will just have to monitor March next season.” “Where is March?” inquired Zeus looking at the attendees in the outer ring.


“It’s left,” replied April giggling at the white woolly fur trail leading to the door.

“I’ll deal with March next season. Any other business?” A white cloud descended from the sky and Zeus strolled into it. “Woe, be to it the entity that repeats this disastrous event,” blasted a voice from within the cloud.


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