Friday, January 5, 2018

'EVERLASTING - HOPE' (Poem) By Grace Silvers



If your caught in a maze experiencing horrendous pain, unable to reach out for help, impossible to escape and can't find your way out, you've lost all hope which you cannot regain,
Trust! look deep within yourself asking our higher power, (God) always omnipotent, hang on! you shall obtain anew....

                         Everlasting Hope!!

As we wonder through our journey blessed with an unknown set plan for our purpose of existence on earth,
Allowing yourself to explore your purpose, we shall remain and learn...

                      Everlasting Hope!!

This Everlasting Hope....reaches you beyond just hope itself, which is our promised gift
       But in fact, comes with a learning process that certain humans experience, due to their much suffering through their own lives, who have in the process become lost without any hope at all,

LISTEN!! asking our Holy Father why? 

Surely will bring us into the warmth of overwhelming light and we shall forever discover an abundance of.....

                    Everlasting Hope!!


Copyright 2018 Summerlin's Writers and Poets Workshop - Las Vegas, NV.

This is our author with her grandson, Jake

If you enjoyed reading her poem, scan down to read her poem called "Turn It Around". 


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