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We’ve just finished another year. Yes, finished, is a choice word. 

We’ve been indulging recklessly all season, enjoying the fruits of our labor,  reaping the benefits of the fall harvest, basking in our success over the past months, since Thanksgiving-actually for some of us, Halloween with its treats and parties,  and into Christmas and the New Year. We have overeaten, over drank, over spent, over stressed and just generally over everything.

We must do better…and so resolved: change a habit or trait, accomplish a personal goal, and/or improve our quality of life. Our resolutions are positive and desirable. There is no reason not to make these changes. We all want to achieve goals for healthier eating, drinking, spending, self-improvement, self-control and just better self. So, why is it that we have so much difficulty following through on New Year’s Resolutions? A major reason that we don’t succeed is procrastination. ‘Oh, it’s January 10th already. I didn’t get around to starting on the first, so now it’s too late’ Another year down the drain.

I think that we take on too much. We are only human and thus usually exhibit human behavior which is fraught with error. We say a new year, new resolutions. We have just finished the old year with a season where we have lived large. In a fit of atonement, we try to over correct with resolutions starting January first. We still have end of the year baggage: holiday bills to pay, our taxes are due, and we need to budget for the new year.

It’s the middle of winter. All nature is in sleep mode. Animals are hibernating or at least resting and moving slowly, Tulips, Amaryllis, and other bulbs are under ground. Grass and green plants are dull colored as chlorophyll catches its breath. In many parts of the world, a thin blanket of snow provides a cover for rest.

Why not make resolutions for renewal in the Spring when Mother Nature is in the process of renewal,   regrowing,  and restarting.? Instead of January first, how about March twentieth, the beginning of spring? It is officially the time to start anew. We can do more-get more sleep, drink more water, eat more healthily, clean more often,  read more, write more, explore more, have more patience or… forget about more, just do your best. Your conscience isn’t bothering you as much as it did on January first.

Next year, instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I going to try renewal resolutions in the spring. This January first, as usual, my resolutions did not work for me. I was a little better for a little while, but it was downhill from the first day. For several years, my resolutions list has been the same with varying, but disappointing degrees for success. I didn’t even bother to write them down this year. In 2012, when I made my list, I had the foresight to print several copies and in subsequent years I just write the new year at the top of the page.

Here’s to Spring!


Marie G. Shelton
Scs writers’ workshop



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