Tuesday, January 9, 2018

'STARTING THE NEW YEAR' (Poem) By Marie G. Shelton

Start the New Year with lofty goals
Everything about you will get better
Make a list of things to do
Follow it to the letter

Make a plan to be more active
Exercise several times a week
Walk a bit, lift some weights
Improved fitness is what you seek

When it comes to favorite foods
There’s still a way to eat the prize
Do not deny yourself a treat
Just be aware of portion size

If you wish to cease to smoke
You must be a true optimist
You may need to wear a patch
Or maybe see a hynotist
Now is there is a bottle habit
That you desire to put away
Abandon all your drinking pals
Then go and join AA

Some of us have acquired too much
Giving it up makes our hearts flutter
But, organize, and move it out
We all have too much clutter

If you think that when you gamble
You never get the winning pots
Invest your funds in something else
Give up those nonpaying slots

Sometimes we tend to complain too much
About everyone’s annoying faults
Try to overlook small failings
Exhibit more positive thoughts

As human beings we must improve
That’s the way people evolve
By helping each other to progress
We can achieve what we resolve

Remember we are all just human
Good things in life make us serene
Make a concerted effort to improve
And do you best in 2018

Marie G. Shelton
Scs writers’ workshop
January, 2018


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