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The hot  grits chronicles are about major mishaps with the food we know as grits. I begin my tale by saying this  is a personal story in my own family.  My husband’s grandmother lived down south, Georgia I think. Her name was Sheila.She was married to James. Her father was a minister and she was supposed to marry someone of her faith. But along comes handsome James. She had to have him. So the deed was done and they tied the knot. They had two children. This was in the days when wives were supposed to be subservient to their husbands. One day she was at the stove cooking some grits. A common breakfast food that needed to be stirred or else it would get lumpy. In walks James, perhaps mad about something.  He says  to her,”You been getting awful uppity lately.”  Perhaps there were some tension between them, I don’t know. She threw the grits at him. Scalding to say the least. Of course that ended that marriage.

          Tale two, Al Green, a popular soul singer in the 70’s. He had dated Mary Woodson, a wife and mother of two children who  had left her family to be with him. She met him after  attending one of his concerts in upstate New York. The night she attacked him she had shown up unexpectedly at his Memphis home after he returned from a concert appearance in San Francisco. We don’t really know exactly why she was so furious with him.  She came into  his bathroom and  threw  a boiling pot of grits on him.  Right after that she went into his bedroom and shot herself  with his gun, committing suicide. Very tragic ending. Al  was severely burned and had to be hospitalized for months. He was badly shaken up emotionally and spiritually. People started calling him Al” Grits” Green.
And last but not least,tale three,Tyler Perry’s movie Madea’s Family Reunion. This  is a story  about Madea trying to keep her family together. It is about two sisters, Madea’s nieces, Lisa and Vanessa.  Lisa was engaged to be married . Her fiance, Carlos, was physically abusing her.  One day the sisters were sitting at the kitchen  table talking, discussing their love lives..   Lisa  reluctantly revealed to Vanessa what was going on.  Vanessa  calls in Madea  to relay this new information about Lisa. Madea answers  this is how you solve that problem. Boil a big ole pot of grits and have a skillet in the other hand. Throw the grits on him  and swat  him  with the skillet. Do that again, throw and swat.  Grit ball Madea called it. Like Venus and Serena . Well what actually happens is Carlos  comes into the kitchen before the wedding. Lisa  is there with Madea.  Madea asks Carlos is he hungry? He asks Madea to leave. She does but not before telling Lisa  that there is a big pot of grits cooking  on the stove. She goes for it, throws the grits and  Carlos  screams.  The wedding was off.

Hot grits, is it a part of our culture when someone abuses you, makes you mad or is just too uppity ?  Hot grits on you, not a good look.
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