Thursday, January 4, 2018

"THE KEYHOLE" By Dorothy S. Macchio

While on a journey, I came across a dark, time-weary door
 of ancient arboreal ancestry. It beckoned me. As I approached,
A speck of light with strength beyond it size struggled,
For freedom, through the small old-fashioned keyhole.

Curious, I silently asked…What secrets lay beyond the door? 
What was hidden that was being heralded
By the tiny, trumpet-formed light?

Kneeling down, I focused an eye at the keyhole.
I saw a finely, framed, flash-frozen scene.
My heart jumped with joy, tears welled in my eyes and -
And at once, I felt the soft cloak of peace settle on my shoulders.

Gathering the vision to my mind and storing it in my heart,
I stood up and moved forward,
Turning my back on the worn, decaying obstacle,
With the tiny trumpet of light preceding me on my path.

What was the vision you ask?

I saw a gift from God… soul!
And it was overflowing with hope.

Dorothy S. Macchio – April 28, 2013
Copyright - Sun City Writers Workshop

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