Wednesday, January 10, 2018


           Here is a man of great Faith, Hope and filled with
                              an abundance of Love                           
                   for all men, woman and children.
          Here is a man who stood by his own people as a vessel, the                          messenger sent from God into the light.
          Here is a man who believed in the truth, no matter what
                          the cost including his own life.                               

         Here is a man who lead his people in a non-violent
                         but peaceful march for the right of equal freedom.                             
         Here is a man who believed in non-discrimination towards all                                people no matter what race or creed.
         Here is a man who lives on in the minds and hearts of others                                                 Forever!
          Oh yes, this great man lives on indelibly etched in the
                             minds of everyone, never ever to be forgotten,

          Especially, those that have suffered for so many centuries                                            needlessly.
         Here is a man who lost his life, but lived his purpose so
        We owe many thanks for his coming, he’s a savior.

        Remember his words: “I had a dream, I saw the promise land”                        even when he was still upon us, (What a Revelation).

        He is honored and remembered not only January 15th 
                      each year as Martin Luther King

       But every day fulfilled his purpose for the freedom of his people.

                                     SO, BE IT, SO IT IS!!

 Copyright 2018 Summerlin's Writers and Poets Workshop - Las Vegas, NV.

Our author Grace Silvers with her grandson Jake.

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